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A Modern Update to a Classic

No stenciling necessary. Pair a Milestone Growth Chart Board with the Milestone Markers that are most important to you. Over the years, create a beautiful, living baby book unique to your family.

It's a modern update for today's parent and grandparent.

the moments that matter most

When you choose the Milestone Markers special to your family, you'll create a one-of-a-kind art piece made of defining moments in your home. As your family grows, so will your board. It's a living statement that will show your family's journey piece by piece as they navigate their path and soar to new heights.

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Give the Gift that Grows

Our Milestone Growth Chart Boards and Milestone Markers are a great gift for a new mama. It's doesn't just chart her child's growth, it charts something unique and special to her... her motherhood journey.

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The Milestone Growth Chart Board

it's more than a measurement

A sweet and stylish upgrade to the average growth chart ruler. The first of its kind - focused on moments and milestones. Growth charts aren't just about numbers and dashes, they tell a story. A story of special moments that make up the unique journey of your family.

It's your baby book on display. 

Start with a modern, natural blank canvas in three types wood. Add a name or quote with our customization options. Then... you do you! Choose the Milestone Markers that are most important to you and write any notes along the way.

Over the years as you add to your Milestone Growth Chart Board, you're charting growth in development and in your adventures together - from courageous first steps, daring first bike rides, sweet first days of school and everything in between.

It's a Pinterest-worthy board in no time, without the stenciling. 

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from a little acorn... the oak tree grew

The days are long but the years are short. As little hearts grow with curious minds and tall dreams, customize your board by marking the moments that matter most.

Grandma + Grandpa

It's just the thing every grandparent needs. Tell the story of your family tree as grandkids grow bigger, smarter, stronger and more curious in this wild world.

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Know someone who would love a Milestone Growth Chart Board but just aren't sure which style or which markers they'd like? A gift card is a great way to still give the gift, and let them personalize it.

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