How It Works

1. Hanging your board

Our boards weigh approximately 9 lbs and have a keyhole on the back both for easy hanging and so that it is clean and flush with the wall. Hardware is not included as every hanging scenario is different from the next. We recommend to use at least a 2" screw and to drill into a stud, if possible, or use a drywall anchor if there is not a stud where you'd like your board to hang.

Whether you have a 5’ or 6’ board, the below instructions are the same.



1. (optional) On the back of your board, attach a small self-stick, clear or felt furniture pad to each corner.
2. Measure from the floor up to approximately 68.5” (the height of where the screw will sit in the keyhole) and mark an X with a pencil. Double check the measurement.
3. If you are drilling into a stud, then proceed to drill your screw. If you are drilling into drywall, first put a drywall anchor in place and then drill your screw. In both scenarios, the screw should sit .5" out from the wall to fit into the keyhole.
4. Hang your board so that it slides into the keyhole pocket.



2. Applying your milestone markers

Our milestone markers are quick and easy to apply so you can get back to spending time with your family. It’s as easy as measure, mark, peel and stick.


> MEASURE: On your board, take a pencil and measure the height of your child with a small line.


>> MARK: On your milestone marker, write anything you’d like with your favorite permanent marker or pen.

Rollerball pens are best for the Milestone Markers so they don't bleed. We recommend to use Thin Sharpies on the actual Growth Chart Boards but not on the Milestone Markers. 



    >>> PEEL: On your milestone marker, peel off the brown adhesive backing trying not to touch the exposed tape.



    >>>> STICK: On your board, position the milestone marker near your pencil mark and hold firmly for 30- 60 seconds.




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