new mama guide

charting a new journey: motherhood

As a new addition grows, changes and soars each day, so does a new mama.

Help her put her baby book on display - no blank pages collecting dust and ridden with #momguilt. She'll love this beautiful living gift that will brighten her walls and grow with her and her family.  

No two are alike. Choose the pieces that fit your style to customize your board. Each piece of wood is unique and carefully chosen and each Milestone Marker is crafted with quality craftsmanship. 

Designed and made by a mama. No factories or mass produced shipments... just a lot of love, detail and hard work in between a crazy life with a caring husband, two big happy dogs and a very spirited 1 year old. 

An acorn is just the beginning

...and one day, it will be a mighty oak.

When a baby is born, a mama is born.

That little acorn that grew so intimately in their mom's belly is now ready to sprout and touch the sky. We've created something that is simple and stylish to help moms chart all the cherished moments in their family.

After all, each new milestone for our littlest minds and hearts is also a milestone for a mom in her motherhood journey. 

The Perfect Bundle

our jumpstart kit

New Mama Bundle

New Mama Bundle


Our New Mama Bundle is the perfect package of Milestone Markers to get started with. It includes our Birth Details Plate to mark down all those important details about your newest addition, some big “firsts” and of course, markers for mom and dad too. Here is what is in the bundle:

  • Birth Details Plate
  • Home
  • Crawling
  • First Word Bubble
  • First Steps
  • Tooth
  • 1st Birthday Balloon
  • Mom (cut out lowercase)
  • Dad (cut out lowercase)

Milestone Markers are not toys and should be used and attached by an adult. 

  • See individual Milestone Marker detail pages for size
  • Baltic Birch finished with organic jojoba oil
  • permanent adhesive backing


HOW TO:  mark – peel – stick – hold

Before adhering, write any notes you’d like on the front of your Milestone Marker. When you’re ready to apply to your board, mark your child’s height or where you’d like to apply the marker on the board. Then simply peel off the paper on the back of the Milestone Marker to expose the adhesive. Position your marker and hold firmly in place for 60 seconds.


the gift that keeps giving

A gift card is the perfect addition to our New Mama Bundle. Our New Mama Bundle will get her started while a gift card will allow her to select more Milestone Markers for years to come like birthday balloons, school grades, tooth fairy and more.

Tip: Plan ahead!

make it easy on your future self... 

Your little acorn will soon be a little sapling. The days are long but the years are short. 1st birthdays, preschool, learning to ride a bike, first soccer games, the tooth fairy and learning to read might seem like an eternity away. Make it easy on your future self (trust us, you'll be busy!), and pick out Milestone Markers that you'll want down the road to store for that special day. From holidays, to adventures (first plane ride is a popular one), to graduation (yes, graduation... cue trying to hide the tears), you'll thank your future self when you have things handy. And if you don't, we're here for you, mama. 

  • Birthday Balloons
  • First Days of School
  • Holidays
  • "Firsts" Milestones
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