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Little heads, shoulders, knees and toes grow more and more everyday and new experiences are born. We want to help those precious moments, the ones you cherish most, be forever marked for your family. Made for the little people with curious minds, and the big people who help them bravely navigate this world, our growth charts are special, timeless pieces loved by the modern parent and grandparent. Each piece is made by our founder with care and a deep appreciation for what they symbolize.



Founder, designer and mama, Nora Estrada, saw a need for a way to chart her baby’s growth while marking the moments that mattered most to her. With a Pinterest-happy finger and a creative background, her first attempt at a growth chart board was an epic #pinfail. Left with no time in this busy life to craft her perfect board, she wondered how many other moms wanted something stylish to hang in their homes that is functional, beautiful and easy while still being able to make it their own, one-of-a-kind, unique creation. Nora has always focused her career on supporting local businesses and other local moms and decided to take the plunge herself. 

The response to her customizable growth charts kept the mama-made fire alive and burning brightly.


Who are we? We're a milestone company.

Our flagship piece is our growth charts. These boards are where style, quality and function all come together – a living piece of art that grows with you as your littles reach for the stars. Should you move, your board (your memories and milestones) comes with you.

With a simple and clean style, you can leave the board as-is and let the beauty of the natural raw wood shine through, or let your creativity run wild with paint, stain or your own designs to make it uniquely you. Our milestone markers chart precious moments along the way… from the big “firsts” to annual events and everything in between.


Made on California’s beautiful oak-dotted Central Coast, we’re proud to say we support our local small businesses and lumberyards. Mama-made and USA-made with the utmost attention to quality craftsmanship and care, we want to create a piece that you’ll cherish as you chart your family’s journey.

We’re truly honored to be a part of years of memories as your family grows taller and stronger in this world.

After all... it was from a little acorn that the oak tree grew.



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