Wooden Growth Chart Ruler Board Milestone Marker - Football
Wooden Growth Chart Ruler Board Milestone Marker - Football

Football Milestone Marker

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Whether it’s their first game, first touchdown, big win or all of the above, your little player is rushing the field. You taught them how to throw and catch a football, drive them to and from practice, cheer them on loudly in the stands (perhaps to their embarrassment!). With each practice, game, win or loss, they’re learning how to be a team player, go big and give it their all – and you’re their biggest fan. Our football milestone marker stands to mark a healthy start to a life of finishing strong, following through and having fun. We like to take a favorite permanent pen or marker to notate the date or game details on the front of the marker or board – and even write a short note or story on the back of the board at the same height about the moment.

Milestone markers are not toys and should be used and affixed to the board by an adult. 

  • 1.5" x 1.5" x 1/8"
  • baltic birch finished with organic jojoba oil
  • permanent adhesive backing 

      HOW TO:  mark - peel - stick - hold

      Before adhering, write any notes you’d like on the front of your Milestone Marker. When you’re ready to apply to your board, mark your child’s height or where you’d like to apply the marker on the board. Then simply peel off the paper on the back of the Milestone Marker to expose the adhesive. Position your marker and hold firmly in place for 60 seconds.



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